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Why rewrite?

Why did I rewrite some of my old titles? I was happy with them when they were first published. After all, the stories are set 200 years ago, and history doesn’t change. But we do, and I found that as I went back to convert these titles to digital, some stories weren’t right for me anymore.

For instance, the hero in A Passionate Performance made choices toward the end of the book inconsistent with the heroine’s influence on him. Before I knew it, I was rewriting most of the book. The story arc and plot are the same, but I’ve deepened the characters.

In Reforming Harriet, the problem was worse: My hero and heroine were always angry at one another. How had I mistaken anger for passion? I had to rewrite the characters to understand them. Elias now has a beguiling combination of strength and vulnerability, which I had missed the first time. Moreover, he is perhaps the most unselfish sexual partner any woman could have. Reimagining him brought new scenes, chapters and, most importantly, a deeper relationship with the heroine, Harriet. 

I’m not sure any writer is ever fully satisfied with her work. But these rewrites are a better fit for the writer I am now.