The Perfect Bride

The Perfect Bride

Book 1 ~ Love in Disguise

“What a splendid feast for the senses, Ms. Putman sets before us! …And for the piece de resistance, there are the ghosts…”

— Romantic Times

Firmly on the shelf, Amanda Fitzhugh is far too levelheaded to fall for any man’s seductive promises and caresses. She had been down that road before and was lucky to escape with her reputation intact. She’s content to chaperon her young cousin’s come-out and betrothal to Simon Hannibal Thornton, one of England’s most esteemed war heroes, now Lord Sommersby.

But when the iron-willed earl with a haunted castle turns his soldierly skills from winning a bride to conquering her companion, Amanda discovers her own heart in mortal danger amid the ghosts of passion.

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