Love in Disguise Series

In these tales of Regency intrigue, nothing is as it seems: A street wench masquerades as a debutante to fulfill a rake’s wager; an actress pretends to be a vengeful lord’s mistress to catch a killer. A noble war hero disguises himself as a much older man to woo an on-the-shelf spinster. An independent widow forces her disapproving business partner to pretend to be her fiancé—and teach her about passion.

All are daring masquerades, with love as the prize:

Maitland’s Rogues

Andrew Maitland isn't really the devil, but he might as well be. Feared and loathed, he has assembled an extraordinary group of daring rogues who worked clandestinely for England during the Napoleonic Wars. Hardened and deadly, they have no use for love—until it ensnares them…

Lord Shallow Book 2