The Dastardly Duke

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The Dastardly Duke

Tormented by a dark secret, Julian LeFevre, Duke of Claridge, is a notorious and dissolute rake. To relieve the tedium, he wagers a friend that he can mold any pretty trollop from the London streets into a lady who’ll pass muster with society’s elite.

But Hannah Gregory is no biddable lump of clay. Although she conceals her real past, she can’t hide her attraction to the man who offers her money she desperately needs. The charade might break her heart—if she forgets this dangerous duke is well past the point of redemption.

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A Word from Eileen

Welcome to a world of British rakes and rogues, where propriety is highly regarded but rarely adhered to—especially in matters of love. Here you’ll find independent misses and on-the-shelf spinsters, dissolute scoundrels and noble war heroes, daring masquerades and cunning revenge schemes, and even a trio of mischievous ghosts.