Reforming Harriet

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Reforming Harriet

Having weathered a philandering husband, Lady Harriet Worthington vows never to wed again. She is happily independent, having inherited her late husband’s share of a spice company. Elias Westwood, her business partner, is at his wit’s end. Lady Harriet has been selling off shares of the company, and he means to win them back.

But Elias’s extraordinary gifts of smell and taste — so useful in the spice trade — prove his Achilles’s heel. He cannot resist her culinary creations — or her feminine charms. When she forces him to masquerade as her fiancé, he certainly never plans on falling in love…

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A Word from Eileen

Welcome to a world of British rakes and rogues, where propriety is highly regarded but rarely adhered to—especially in matters of love. Here you’ll find independent misses and on-the-shelf spinsters, dissolute scoundrels and noble war heroes, daring masquerades and cunning revenge schemes, and even a trio of mischievous ghosts.